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We look forward to celebrating this happy occasion with friends and family. For us, the most important gift at our wedding is your presence. If you wish to give in another way, please see our three recommendations below. We have spent a significant amount of time gathering these ideas and putting this registry together, so we ask that you select from it if giving a gift.

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Both of us have enjoyed fine craft work for a long time, and so it was an easy decision to feature several local artisans in our registry. We are inspired by their work and appreciate that these purchases will directly benefit the producers. Reena has visited the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair for several years and eagerly introduced Dan to this stunning display of artisans' work which she knew he would love. When we decided to highlight craft work in our registry, it was an easy decision to visit the Craft Fair with camera and notebook in hand. The resulting choices reflect a cooperative melding of our tastes.

Click on an image to see our selections from each artist and information on how to purchase an item for our registry.

Dan saw this pottery first at the Cambridge Artists Cooperative in Harvard Square. The mixture of blue glaze, natural browns, and organic designs fit both our tastes. This set of Kaleidoscope Pottery dishes will be our meat dinnerware for meals with family and friends who visit.

One of Reena's favorites at the Craft Fair has been Robinson Pottery. During our visit to Cathy and Davidís studio and home in New Hampshire, Dan was quickly drawn to not only their craft but also the kind nature of the artists. We walked away with this gorgeous serving platter, and a set of Robinson Pottery dishes will be our dairy dinnerware for special occasions.

Reena ogles these Keeler bowls every summer and has dreamed of using a small collection at home. Dan is passionate for wood and his eye for quality made for an easy agreement. This updated page also shows the other items we selected from the 2006 Craft Fair.

Penelope Wurr was trained as a printmaker in England and through adapted some of that mediumís techniques she invented a new process of applying color and design onto glass. Reena has always been drawn to the glass medium and and Dan is fond of the organic lines of sea grass and spirals etched into her work.

Having recently been convinced about the utility of a cake plate, we kept an eye out for one during our trip to the Fair. One artisan, Jordana Korsen, featured them, but it was this bowlís design that caught our eye. We chatted with her about incorporating the design into a cake plate for us.


One cannot live on beautiful ceramics, wood, and glass alone. We have also identified traditional household items that fit our taste and needs. You can find our registry at the Wedding Channel which will donate a percentage of all purchases to Doctors Without Borders.


We took a walk through Kolbo, a local Judaica store for ritual art pieces to use in celebrating holidays and special occasions.


Both of us wish to support and honor charity in our wedding as we do in our life. Follow the link at the left to view a selection of the charities we support.