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Friday, July 7th
  • Evening - Guest arrival and check-in
  • 6:00 PM - Friday Night Service
    • This evening service welcomes Shabbat, for those who wish to attend.
  • 7:00 PM - Dinner
    • Invitations for this event were issued separately.
  • 9:00 PM - Informal gathering with Dan and Reena
    • All are welcome to stop by and say hello. We’d love to know you’re here and to have the chance to welcome you in person.

Saturday, July 8th
  • 8:00AM - Yoga
    • Dan’s friend Joe Groceman will guide a music-free yoga session. Beginners are welcome!
  • 10:00AM - Saturday Morning Services (Aufruf)
    • Danny Berman, our wedding officiant, will guide us through a service that was created from traditional sources. The highlight of the morning will be during the Torah service, around 11:00am, when Danny will call Dan and Reena up for a blessing, after which it is customary for the community to shower the bride and groom with candies to wish them sweetness in their marriage. Please throw gently! There may also be singing and dancing to celebrate our upcoming wedding. You are welcome to join us at any time during the service.
  • 12:00PM - Luncheon
    • Dan’s friend, Jay Shrauner, will emcee the sharing of toasts and stories about Dan or Reena. Let him know if you want to share a story or memory!
We have planned a series of afternoon activities for anyone and everyone. You may also use this time to rest, use the hotel facilities (Normandy’s pool/jacuzzi, game room, and fitness room are on the lower level), or explore the Philadelphia area.
  • 2:00PM - Rounds and Shabbat Songs
    • Singing will begin with birkat hamazon, the grace after meals, at the end of lunch. The singing may continue in the ballroom, or we may move upstairs to the Buchanan room.
  • 3:00PM - Games and Group Activities
    • Dan has accumulated many fond memories of playing games with friends, some of whom are joining us this weekend. Join us as they teach us to play some of these fun, whimsical, and even silly games. Dan will also share some of his favorite community building activities.
  • 4:00PM - Folk Song Circle
    • Our college friends Tom Rhoads and Will Best will lead a folk song circle. Anyone is welcome to attend, and Rise Up Singing song books will be available.
Dan and Reena will separate at the end of the afternoon, not to see each other again until right before the wedding ceremony. The early evening is open to explore Philadelphia restaurants and nightlife. If you wish to stay in, there is a nice restaurant located at Normandy Farm. There will be two concurrent activities in the late evening, so feel free to drop by!
  • 9:00PM - Dancing and Shmoozing
    • Michael Posner, Reena’s friend and former ballroom dance partner, will teach the basics of Swing and other ballroom dances. This is a great way to warm up for the wedding reception, as Reena and Dan have requested a lot of swing music from the band!
  • 9:00PM - Games, Singing, and Relaxing
    • More of the same from the afternoon activities!

Sunday, July 9th
Since this is a midday weddings, please be mindful that food will not be served until at least 12:30pm. If you wish to have breakfast in the morning, brunch is served beginning at 9:30am in the Normandy Farm restaurant, and there are a number of small eateries within a short distance from the hotel.
  • 11:00AM - Kabbalat Panim (Welcoming the Guests)
    • Reena (in the Buchanan Room) and Dan (in the Madison room) will receive guests in formats that reflect their personal styles. At the end, those gathered will escort us down separate paths to the ballroom, where we will join together and begin the wedding ceremony.
  • 12PM-5PM - Childcare Room
    • While children are welcome to attend both the ceremony and the reception, childcare will be available all afternoon for any family that wishes to use it. Kids meals will be served at the reception.
  • 12:00PM - Ceremony
    • We have created a wedding ceremony that reflects elements of our individual values and beliefs.
  • 12:30PM - Cocktails
  • 1:30PM - Reception
    • Upon the newlyweds’ entrance to the reception, Jewish tradition invites guests to entertain them with skits, juggling, wild dancing, and other forms of entertainment. Feel free to bring props and join in!
  • 5:30PM - Goodnight! (and game playing!)