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We are just back from the 2006 League of New Hampshire Craftsmen show. We stopped by Gordon Keeler's booth and picked two wonderful items.
This figured birch platter has a fan shaped flame that catches the light to show great depth in the wood.
This cherry bowl has both sap and heartwood causing two different colors in the same piece.
A fund was also raised for us to find other things at the craft fair that spoke to us. Here are the items we chose. Still to come is a cherry serving tray.
Birds-eye maple creates the stunning figure on this lazy susan which is already being used in our kitchen.
The last piece to be removed from consideration for our registry was still available, so we picked up the square glass dish. On our honeymoon, we found some glasses and a pitcher that match this style, so we also picked up some coasters from Deborah Libby.
This cup will complement our new dishes and be a simple kiddush cup for our household.
The Native American Wedding Prayer on this piece was read at our wedding by Gwen and Mary Riles. This artist also features the Kahlil Gibran piece read by Linda Riles. Lisa Morenof has enjoyed this calligraphy for a long time, and she was thrilled by our selection of this piece.
Reena had this planter on her "one-day" list, and now we will try to keep our plant alive in it.