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We deeply appreciate the outpouring of support that has arrived with Rose. So many people have expressed their joy by both being with us and through presenting our family with gifts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your generosity.

We are very fortunate to have a home, to have our needs met, and to have a wonderful community of family and friends. Nothing listed on this page should be construed as a request, but as people have continued to ask us what we want, we thought we'd put some ideas down to help guide folks who are interested.

Some guidelines we are trying to follow:

These are basic ideas and are not absolutes. Life is a balance of many forces, and these guidelines are ones that we try to keep in the forefront of our minds as we live our lives and raise our child.

Eco-friendly We are trying to purchase items that are environmentally friendly and constructed with socially responsible labor practices.

Gender Neutral Children, especially girls, are gender typed from an early age, and people interact with them based on this gender typing. The color pink states emphatically that the baby is a girl. Here is a blog entry that elaborates on this theme.

Some sources we use and like. This list is just a guide. There are many wonderful sites for these types of items. Another way is to place an order with a locally-owned store. Direct them to call us and have us pick up orders. This reduces the shipping footprint.
  • Greenward - Their website is barebones, but anything in their children's section is excellent. We love this little eco botique just down the street.
  • Stella Bella Toys - Another close store (the one on Mass Ave, not Cambridge St.)
  • Barefoot Books - The site does not navigate to the store neaby on Massachusetts Ave, but a sales rep can probably direct you correctly
  • Curious George & Friends - In Harvard Square
  • Magic Beans - A store owned by a former co-worker of Reena's