Seattle and Olympic Peninsula
Summer 2007

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2007-07 Seattle126 2007-07 Seattle127 2007-07 Seattle133 2007-07 Seattle137 2007-07 Seattle140 2007-07 Seattle143
sea plant Tide Pooling Up close Thin star Life in Tide pool Long strand from sea weed
2007-07 Seattle145 2007-07 Seattle147 2007-07 Seattle176 2007-07 Seattle181 2007-07 Seattle193 2007-07 Seattle198
Dark Wood Grain A face in the shells Erosion in progress A study in textures Mermaid's shoe Rock embedded in Wood
2007-07 Seattle216 2007-07 Seattle244 2007-07 Seattle248 2007-07 Seattle249 2007-07 Seattle253 2007-07 Seattle261
All colors of Stars Salmon Bake on the Fourth Tree roots and Dan Rivers to the Sea Dan and Reena Sun behind rocks